Study suggests fetal coronavirus infection is possible

Researchers from Italy said Thursday that they studied 31 women with COVID-19 who delivered babies in March and April. They found signs of the virus in several samples of umbilical cord blood, the placenta and, in one case, breast milk.

Biden wants US to produce more of its own pandemic supplies

Joe Biden is promising to shift production of medical equipment and other key pandemic-fighting products “back to U.S. soil,” creating jobs and bolstering a domestic supply chain he says has been exposed as inadequate and vulnerable by the coronavirus outbreak.

Doctors say experimental treatment may have rid man of HIV

“I’m very moved because it’s something that millions of people want,” said the 35-year-old man, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition that his name not be published. “It’s a gift of life, a second chance to live.”

Top 5 favorite weight loss hacks from Dr. Taz

As Americans have been stuck at home for months on end, many have packed on a few extra pounds. But now that the city and state have started to open up and people are getting back to work, it's time to shed that weight. Integrative wellness physician Dr. Taz shares her top 5 favorite weight loss hacks.

Simple ways to improve mental funk during pandemic

From brain drain, to stress and anxiety, loneliness and depression the coronavirus has left many of us in a funk that's proven tough to kick. Author and alternative medicine advocate Bryce Wylde has tips on beating the COVID funk.

US adds 4.8 million jobs as unemployment falls to 11.1%

While the jobless rate was down from 13.3% in May, it is still at a Depression-era level. And the data was gathered during the second week of June, just before a number of states began to reverse or suspend the reopenings of their economies to try to beat back the virus.